Buy the Essentials Pack today and expand your Game Speed Rep Drills! Get any rep, every practice, on both sides of the ball, all season long!

expires May 31st 2017


2x Arms:

- Increase turnover creation
- Win more games practicing game speed ball destruction drills on QB’s and skill positions
- Blitz, Rush, Pressure & Violently pursue your Shadowman QB / Ball Carrier - condition, train, & keep your skill players game ready

1x Sled:

- Closer foot position
- Better breakdown, posture & position
- More space with multiple Shadowman & Players

1x 3-Man Towline:

- Connect up to 3 Shadowman moving in unison with one harness
- Create either static or moving on both offensive / defensive line fronts.
- Simulate LB’s pursuing ball carriers on sweep, outside zone & option plays as players work their blocking assignments & adjustments

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