Texas youth football & CHeer association

A message from Brian Morgan, TYFA President/ CEO

In a continuing effort to promote and implement the TYFA Safety Initiative, TYFA has partnered with Shadowman Sports to help mitigate the amount of person to person contact that players have in practice and promote better tackling techniques.

TYFA will license the use of our logo to Shadowman Sports and will promote the use of the Shadowman Tackling System throughout our league. Additionally, TYFA will work with Shadowman to produce videos and conduct clinics to educate our organizations on safer tackling techniques and mitigating injuries sustained in practice.

In addition to the camps/clinics, one of the biggest benefits of this partnership will be the Special Purchase Pricing for TYFA Member Organizations. All current TYFA Member Organizations will enjoy deep discounts off the list price of the Shadowman Jr Tackling System making it cost effective for all organizations.

After listening to the presentations and witnessing 1st hand how the Shadowman will aid in improving the tackling of our players and help reduce the amount of person to person contact in practice it was an easy decision to endorse this product.

TYFA is committed to the safety of the game and will continue to take the necessary actions to make this game as safe as possible and ensure that the game is around for years to come.

Shadowman Junior

Learn how to:

  • Teach football fundamentals

  • Improve tackle technique

  • Build confidence without risking player on player contact

  • Make practice FUN and as a result, increase your enrollment numbers



TYFA RADIO: hear from Shadowman sports president on the new partnership


Shadowman Junior

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