• Full Speed Tackling Reps without Risking Player to Players Contact.
  • More Realistic, More Game Like Reps than Tackling Pads.
  • Remove Player to Player Contact to meet Contact Practice Restrictions
  • Easy and Efficient to use: Shadowmans Smart Engineering means there is no attachments or time wasted when repeating a Rep, just grab Shadowman and drop him into the Sled.
  • Target zones: Target Zones act as a visual guide to the tackler, allowing the tackler to improve on the cognitive process of tackling Target Zones assist coaches as a visual mark to watch where the player is tackling and to give visual feedback on where to improve for the next rep.
  • Strength and Conditioning, both the carrier and the tackler of Shadowman to get a work out.
  • Bent knee posture indicates to the player the front and back of the dummy, which allows the player to make a decisions on where to place their head and make decision on other key body positions.
  • Patent Technology, Shadowman is the first moving, detachable to the ground, tackling system.
  • Portability, Shadowman packs down into a carry bag, weighs less than 5lbs without water, making it easy to store in the off season and bring to camps.


The manufacture of Shadowman has taken 3 years of research, design and development, trials with several manufactures, and the production of over 100 different prototypes, the development of new sealing processes, culminating in the final product that our entire team is proud to stand over today. Shadowman Sports has partnered with a UK company to deliver Shadowman, our manufacturing partner are world leaders in sealed air inflatable technology.

The material is a specially selected PVC, after rigorous testing, the material was chosen for it's high tear and tensile strength. The PVC has elastic properties that absorb energy on impact, making for better feedback during a tackle and a longer product life.