Q. What is the delivery time?

A. You can expect delivery within 7 working days

Q. What method of payment do you accept?

A. We accept all major Credit Cards, Checks and Purchase Orders (POs)

Q. How is the Shadowman Set Up?

Q. How long is the warranty?

A. You will receive a 12 month manufacturer's warrant, so should anything happen to the unit(s) outside of misuse we will happily replace the product and arrange for the faculty item to be shipped back to us at no extra cost to you.

Q. Where they made?

A. Our products are manufactured in Europe.

Q. Where do they ship from?

A. Shadowman ships from our Irish HQ. Shadowman can be on your field in 7 working days!

Q. Do you sell replacement parts?

A. Yes, you can request any parts or accessories through our website or by contacting our head of customer service - daniel@shadowmansports.com

Q. What material is it made from?

A. Shadowman is made from a specially selected high tensile strength PVC, the three layer material contains an elastic weave to absorb impacts and to allow the material to breathe. The products stays full air tight for 6 to 8 hours approximately, the product will lose air pressure over night and will require a top of air before each practice.

Q. How durable is the product?

A. Shadowman is extremely durable, due to the manufacturing process we developed with our manufacturing partners. Each panel is laser cut, specially heat welded, treated and tested to a highest possible quality. We have customers still using Shadowman since 2013.

Q. Where do we ship to?

A. Shadowman can be shipped to any country or location. FedEX is our courier of choice and we have 100% delivery success rate.

Q. How much do they weigh when filled with water?

A. Shadowman Pro weighs 32lb/14.5kg, Junior weighs 25.5lbs/11.5kg

Q. How big are boxes?

Q. How tall are they?

Q. How often do they need inflating?

A. Shadowman is designed to stay inflated at maximum capacity for between 5-6 hours after which time will need to be topped up with air.

Q. How long does it take to set up?

A. Setup time in 90 seconds. Here is a video with the set up video.

Q. Do you accept Payment plans?

A. Please contact our Customer Support Manager Daniel Meehan to enquire: daniel@shadowmansports.com

Q. Do you accept P.O (Purchase Orders)?

A. We DO accept POs please contact our Customer Support Manager Daniel Meehan: daniel@shadowmansports.com

Q. Do you need to take the water out after each use?

A. You can leave the water in Shadowman but we recommend you replace the water every 2-3 months. In colder climates, we recommend you remove the water after each practice so the water does not freeze.

Q. What are the age groups for Pro/Junior?

A. Shadowman Pro is for ages 14 years - Professional level. Shadowman Junior is for ages 6-14 years.

Q. What comes in the box?

A. You will receive the humanoid, Sled, harness, Towline, Double action air pump, user manual/warranty and a repair kit.



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