Get the Complete Contact System for only $3500!

3x Shadowman Pro


Complete contact system



3x Shadowman Pro:

- Reduced Player On Player Contact & Collisions In Practices
- More Reps, Better Reps At Game Day Intensity, Every Practice
- Achieve Game Day Intensity & Conditioning In Practise With & Without Pads, All Season Long
- Only Product That Provides - Change Of Direction - Acceleration & Deceleration - Tackling All The Way To The Ground

1x Arms:

- Increase turnover creation
- Win more games practicing game speed ball destruction drills on QB’s and skill positions
- Blitz, Rush, Pressure & Violently pursue your Shadowman QB / Ball Carrier - condition, train, & keep your skill players game ready

1x 3-Man Towline:

- Connect up to 3 Shadowman moving in unison with one harness
- Create either static or moving on both offensive / defensive line fronts.
- Simulate LB’s pursuing ball carriers on sweep, outside zone & option plays as players work their blocking assignments & adjustments

1x ShadowDrive:

- Master control & power on both sides of the ball without player on player contact during practice.
- Steer opponents with unpredictable variable weight loads & angles. Jab with game force to dislodge the ball and master ball security. The ultimate utility tool to prepare you for the battle at the line of scrimmage.

1x ShadowBlock:

- Improve Reactive Agility at all positions.
- Beat cut blocks & master evasive moves for extra yards and scoring opportunities at game speed.

Shadowman Pro
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Shadowman Arms
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3-Man Towline