Shadowman Sports Teams Up with the Dublin Rebels


(Dublin and Limerick) - Shadowman Sports and Dublin Rebels are proud to announce a new partnership for 2017. Shadowman Sports, a revolutionary tackling system that enables more tackling reps while reducing player on player contact in practices and Dublin Rebels, the most successful team in the history of the Irish American Football League with eight national championship wins, have agreed to a Shadowman Sports branded MVP award. Both at the end of games and the end of the year.

Shadowman Sports manufactures and markets proprietary tackling equipment that significantly reduces player-on-player contact, and thus the risk of injury, during team football practice for all levels of organised play, from professional through grassroots.  The tackling system is now in use by more than 75,000+ athletes and 1,500 football programs throughout the United States, 70 Division 1 collegiate teams, NFL teams including New York Giants, LA Rams and Oakland Raiders, and more than 1,500+ high school and amateur programs.

Dublin Rebels is the most decorated Irish American Football Team with eight national champions, 4 league titles and two European crowns, finished the 2016 season with a 7-1 record winning the Shamrock Bowl in dramatic fashion.

"As National Champions our goal is to retain our title successfully and ensuring we fully utilise all necessary means in doing so. In order to do this, we need the best equipment and tools available to us, Shadowman is the best in the business and it is key for us in our drive to retain our title and to be the best there is out there. The first game of the season it was great to see every player available on the sidelines fully fit and was the biggest line up of players we have ever had at the start of a season and a big part of this was due to having Shadowman." said Vinny Dooley, chairperson of the Dublin Rebels.

"It is a great honour to partner with such a successful program like the Dublin Rebels," said Steve Flanagan President & COO of Shadowman Sports. "Partnering with the most successful club in the Irish American Football League further validates our belief that by using our innovative equipment in practice allows both coaches & players to get game speed reps without player on player contact. This allows for teaching proper technique and the development of player confidence in the tackle.  We wish the Rebels continued success and look forward to continuing our partnership".


About Shadowman

Shadowman Pro and Shadowman Jr. are the first moveable and detachable tackling systems that allow football teams at every level to reduce player-on-player contact during practice, enhance player longevity and increase game speed reps.  Shadowman was invented and introduced to the football market after three years of research and development by J.P. Hartigan, a 29-year-old former rugby player and product design and technology expert from Limerick, Ireland.  Shadowman is an air-filled humanoid, filled with water at the base to give the “body” an optimised low centre of gravity for tackling and displacement when coupled in the ring sled.  Every last panel and contour is designed to give the tackler the best possible experience and feedback in the tackle.  From the bent knee posture indicating the front and back position on the system, to the white optimal strike zone and the three target zones to guide players on head and shoulder placement, every part of Shadowman was designed with intent and care.