Shadowman Partners with Practice like Pros

Shadowman Sports and Practice Like Pros, a national movement to reduce needless injuries in high school and college football, today announced a partnership to mitigate injury risk on practice fields at all levels of football.

Practice Like Pros will license use of its logo to Shadowman Sports and will endorse the Shadowman Tackling System as part of its nationally touring football video clinic. The two companies will collaborate in clinics and presentations to the sports, education and medical communities throughout the nation, addressing the pervasive injury problem in football and offering solution-based remedies.

Practice Like Pros clinics have been presented to more than 5,000 youth, high school and college coaches and administrators in 26 states, and in 2016 to the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington, DC. 

Shadowman Sports and its Shadowman Pro and Junior products are currently in use at more than 1,600 youth and high school programs, at more than 70 Division 1 college programs and by four National Football League teams.


“. . . many strategies can be used during practice to limit player-to-player contact and other potentially injurious behavior,” notes a study conducted by Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention and published in JAMA Pediatrics in 2015.  The study notes that “most concussions at the high school and college levels occurred in practices (57.7% and 57.6%, respectively).”


“I am very impressed with Shadowman’s functionality for teaching fundamentals on a moving target for my son’s youth football team, with or without pads, and equally impressed with its use at the collegiate level,” said Craig Naivar, assistant coach, University of Texas.  “Shadowman gives us the opportunity to work contact drills with our players being physical and explosive in their ‘space tackling’ without all the player-to-player collisions."


Shadowman focuses on preparing players of all levels for game day collisions while reducing injury-inducing player-to-player contact during practice.  This allows coaches to teach proper technique and players to get multiple game speed reps during practice while substantially minimizing the negative impacts of contact.


“This partnership was an easy decision,” said Terry O’Neil, founder & CEO of Practice Like Pros.  “We’ve been fans of Shadowman for years, well before the partnership was proposed.  Their products allow practical execution of our philosophy, reducing player-on-player contact in practice without sacrificing – and, in fact, enhancing -- preparation for game day.  The Shadowman tackling system is a humanoid embodiment of ‘practicing like pros.’ You can find it on practice fields all over the country and at all levels of the game.  And it’s amazingly affordable and practical for high school programs.”


    The three-part Shadowman system includes:


·         1. an air-and-water filled humanoid, specifically designed and engineered to encourage form tackling through its low center of gravity, white strike zone, bent knee posture and three Target Points;

·         2. an air-filled sled that allows the humanoid to be detached and tackled to the ground; and,

·         3. a harness that allows game speed movement, as the coach or player controls Shadowman’s speed, change of acceleration and change of direction.


Steve Flanagan, president & COO of Shadowman Sports, said, “By creating a mobile tackle target for players, we offer game speed, high-quality reps from which both players and coaches can benefit.  Players have to move their feet, sink their hips, calculate speed and angles, and target the ball carrier’s ‘strike zone’ – all the physical and mental demands of game day.  Our mission is to create a better practice environment for coaches and players.  This partnership is the perfect fit for Practice Like Pros’ effective advocacy with state and local governing bodies to reduce contact on the practice field.”


About Shadowman Sports

Headquartered in Limerick, Ireland, with U.S. offices in Wilton, CT, and San Francisco, CA, Shadowman Sports is the maker of the most disruptive piece of tackling equipment in the football market.  The company first offered football tackling equipment in 2013, and its products are now used by more than 1,600 football teams in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and across the globe.  The manufacture of Shadowman required three years of research, design and development, trials with several manufacturers, production of hundreds of prototypes and extensive development of sealing processes.  The product is made with materials notable for their high-tensile strength and elastic properties that absorb energy on impact, thereby providing realistic replication of in-game tackling.  Shadowman units can be inflated and made ready for practice within minutes. Check out our Drills Library here 

About Practice Like Pros

Practice Like Pros (PLP) is endorsed by Mike Ditka, Archie Manning, Tony Dorsett, Ronnie Lott, Warren Moon, Anthony Munoz and dozens of other progressive leaders from football and medical science.  In addition to its touring video clinic, Practice Like Pros is conducting with Dr. Robert Cantu of Boston, Dr. Jonathan Lichtenstein of Dartmouth College, and a team from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in Bethesda, MD, the first-ever scientific research of neuro-catastrophic injury in high school football.  The collaborators’ first-year findings will be announced in August 2017.


PLP’s founder & CEO, Terry O’Neil, is a 16-time Emmy Award-winner as executive producer of CBS Sports and NBC Sports, and is a former senior vice president of the New Orleans Saints.  Visit for more information.