Shadowman Sports, USA Football renew partnership


Shadowman Sports has extended its partnership with USA Football for the next three years, it was announced today.

Shadowman Sports creates football tackling equipment to help develop proper technique and skill for young athletes while reducing player-on-player contact in practice. USA Football is the sport’s national governing body and a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

USA Football will utilize Shadowman’s innovative tackling dummy models, including Shadowman Junior for youth players and Shadowman Pro for high school players, within its U.S. National Team program. Shadowman’s Junior and Pro are easily movable dummies featuring a water-filled base and air-filled body to teach the sport’s fundamentals with a smarter and safer approach.



Additional Shadowman equipment includes ShadowBlock and ShadowDrivewhich helps coaches teach proper block defeating while improving player agility, control and power. Shadowman Sports products are currently employed by more than 1,600 youth and high school programs, more than 70 college programs and four NFL teams.

“We are excited to renew our relationship with USA Football and look forward to continue working together for the good of young players,” said Shadowman Sports President & COO Steve Flanagan. “Our products help coaches and players minimize contact in practice while developing confidence and skill in a game-speed environment.”

“Shadowman Sports offers an innovative approach to enhance practice environments while reducing player contact,” said USA Football CEO Scott Hallenbeck. “We value our continued partnership for the benefit of our young athletes.”

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